My name is Delle Jacobs. As a Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker, I have over 25 years of experience working with individuals and couples, helping them with their personal, work and life problems.

Sometimes these problems are internal like depression, anxiety, loss of confidence, stress, performance problems, or problems in your relationships, marriage or workplace.

We have all been stuck at times and know how a change in the way we look at a problem or frame a solution can make the difference. Let me help you make a difference in your life.



Finding the solution for your problem is an active process of working together. Galvanizing your inner resources is a part of this process. Michelangelo created masterpieces out of stone. I often think of this as a metaphor for therapy. Like Michelangelo, you can take the chisel in hand and with my help, sculpt the skills you need for better thinking, improving mood, enhancing performance, or repairing relationships.

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I find hypnosis to be of great benefit in working with people and their problems. Hypnosis not only engages one’s intellect in the act of change, it engages the imagination and the unconscious mind.  Get 3 aspects of the mind instead of 1, working in the service of change.

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Stress Management

Effective stress management strategies are vital to maintaining health and well-being and for coping in our complex and fast-paced world. A tool bag to pull from and recognizing when and how to use a variety of strategies keeps us fit in an all around way.  I have my own Big Tool Bag from which to draw the best stress management strategies for you.

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